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There are different possibilities:

  • For example the so-called „Aufstiegs-BaföG” (previously „Meister-BaFöG”). You can apply for it in Lower Saxony at the "Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen (NBank)" in Hanover. If you participate in a full-time programme such as the vocational training at the DMSB, you are eligible to receive a contribution towards the living costs. 
  • In addition, there is also the “regular” pupil loan (BaFöG)
  • or you can apply for a student loan during your course...


The first point of contact is the secretariat of the DMSB. Here you find a list of landlords who rent regularly to miller-students. In addition the fraternity „Glückzu!“offers eleven furnished rooms for its members. The following sites are available online:

Student residence "Glück zu"

Important information for prospective students from non-EU countries

In order to visit the German Miller School Braunschweig you require a residence permit. The basis for this can be a school visit, such arrangements are listed in the Residence Act (§ 16 para. 5).

These include according to the General Administrative on the Residence Act vocational trainings. These measures are vocational trainings primary within a specialised format, which result according to federal or provincial regulations in a certified qualification. Such educational offers are among the vocational qualifications of the DMSB!

When applying at the consulate of your home country, you should refer to the following requirements.

From: General Administrative Regulation on the Residence (AVwV-Residence Act)

“ The purposes of residence according to § 16 paragraph 5 also include vocational training purposes, which are not in accordance with a study according to § 16 paragraph 1 or in accordance with a vocational training i. S. v. § 17.  These measures include apprenticeships mainly specialised in subject-related theoretical form, which result according to federal or provincial regulations to a certified vocational qualification. The issue of a residence permit will only be considered if the course at the educational institution is not exclusively offered to the citizens of a state. The counties may decide that exceptions to clauses 2 and 3 of the approval apply to the supreme country authority. Vocational internships, which are part of the vocational training, do not require the approval according to § 2 paragraph 2 point 1 “BeschV” of the Federal Labour Office."

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